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Trouble with ML350 G5 and RAID-controller

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Trouble with ML350 G5 and RAID-controller


I've got ML350 G5, LSI RAID controller and 2 x 160GB drives.

1. When drives is arranged in RAID1, Windows 2008 Server hangs up during installation. Sometimes when just load very first screen. Sometimes when copy files at 0% But PC don't hang up - mouse is moving and CAPSlock on keyboard works fine. I've tried 3 or 4 times.

When I install without RAID on 1 disk - it works fine.

2. When I'm trying to arrange disks to RAID1 and duplicate data from disk1 to disk2, controller says that "there is not enough space at the end of the disk to create array". But there are at least 1GB of _unpartitioned_ space at the end of disk1!

So, what can be my next steps?

May be I should unallocate more then 1GB free space and squeeze partition in Windows? How much there should be unpartitioned space to create array on 160GB disk?

I'm not sure, but looks like contoller's firmware is latest.

Thanks a lot!