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Re: Trying to setup secondhand proliant 2500-SCSI HOT SWAP PROBLEMS

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Trying to setup secondhand proliant 2500-SCSI HOT SWAP PROBLEMS

Ok i bought an old proliant 2500 with a hot swap array and tape drive from a thrift store. it came with no software and no peripherals just the tower itself. I am trying to restore it and put linux on it to run as a server. I am new to server's and linux but not new to computers for the general consumer. I tried installing mandralinux 10 and it hangs every time it reaches the raid array scan. i have tried running the appropriate firmware cd (it hangs during the loading screen) on it and every other utility i can find including the server testing utility (which did not seem to find any scsi components or hard drive components of any kind) and the smart start cd (which said it did not support this server). i am not getting any lights on my drive array so i replaced the hot swap cage with another cage. Problem is that that this cage does not seem to be the same cage as it has 3 hot swap slots where as the original had 5. I took out the tape drive and the card it was connected to to try and simplify the process of getting it to work because i will probably not use the drive anyway, but how do i get this monster to work for me? I even flashed the bios to see if that helped. before i replaced the drive array it told me it did not detect any scsi devices. now its telling me i have the wrong ID....what can i do to make this work? do i need to replace more parts? is there some utility that will work? perhaps i got the wrong smart start cd? PLEASE HELP!