UPS questions

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UPS questions

Hi - I have an HP R3000h XR-NA UPS that has a 6 port serial com card installed. I can't seem to get anything to communicate with it. It's currently attached to 2 different Compaq Proliant DL380 servers using the com cables sent with it and the part number for the serial card is 192185-B21.

I have tried contacting tech support and asking them for documentation regarding using the configuration port (port 1) on there and have had no success.

Does anyone know where I can find documentation on how to go about using port 1 on this card/UPS?

Also - this UPS has 3 load segments that have 2 plugs each. Can I configure one load segment to use 208 volts and the other 2 load segments to use 120? If so, how do I go about this?

Thanks in advance for all your help. :-)

Chris Rosan
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Re: UPS questions

You can't use different load segments for different voltages. Usually HP only sell units in each country that suit the voltage in that country. US voltage is 120.

What operating system are you using? In windows & linux you need to setup the UPS API. Windows is a service that won't run unless you configure the UPS properly.

There is also an update on HP download site for your UPS for Windows. I'd install that as well.

I don't have my UPS's connected to my servers (other than power) anymore, but i have set it up on Windows 2000 server before and was very easy from memory.
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Re: UPS questions

I am primarily using Windows Server 2003 Standard but on at least one of the servers I have Windows 2000 Advanced Server.

Thank you for the info regarding the voltages. I know the US is 120 - but I have two servers that need 208 (they are Dell 6850s) and I was hoping to use them on this UPS. I didn't figure I'd be able to do this but I thought I'd check just in case.

All the documentation I have found thus far says I have to use the HP Rack & Power Manager software to monitor these servers. I want to set it up for email notifications when there is a problem or when the servers switch to battery power. The problem is that I can't get the servers and UPS to communicate with each other. The HPRPM software doesn't see the UPS when I install it - it's as if the thing isn't even connected to the com port (but it is).
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Re: UPS questions

Oh and Chris - thank you for the links. I had already found them - in fact I think I have already found every bit of documentation there is for the UPS - but nothing for the 6 port card except for the installation instructions (which I don't need).
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Re: UPS questions


That's another thing. You said in your first post:

"In windows & linux you need to setup the UPS API. Windows is a service that won't run unless you configure the UPS properly."

This is what I can't seem to do. I can't get the server/Windows to communicate with the UPS. So how do I go about configuring it if it won't see the UPS?

Further, how do I go about configuring it at all? Port 1 on the UPS is slated as the configuration port but there is no documentation anywhere that explains how to use this port, what to do with it, how to access it, how to configure the ports/UPS, etc.

Any ideas?
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Re: UPS questions

In DL380 series server, Serial device may not work properly for which you wuold have to disable Bios console CLI and virtual serial port option in RBSU

Also ILO cli option in the ILO bios

Try with a different server to confirm it's not becuase of the server
hope this helps you
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Re: UPS questions

Divakar - I have tried communications with every server in the rack. However, I will schedule a reboot of one of the servers and look in the BIOS just to make sure the serial port isn't disabled in there. Thanks for your response. At least I have something else to try.
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Re: UPS questions

One other thing about voltage - the User Manual seems to imply that I can use this UPS with either 208v or 120v. Am I reading this wrong or am I correct in thinking that I can change the voltage using the configuration button?

Here's what it says - note that this model, R3000h XR-NA, doesn't include anything about 120v in the Available Voltage Settings:

Table 3-2: Available Voltage Settings

UPS Model
R3000h XR-NA

Available Settings Utility Voltage (VAC)
200/208 (default)

Parameter (LED)
General Alarm
On Battery
Bad Battery/Low Battery
Site Wiring Fault Indicator

The way I understand this, the Parameter (LED) is the light that should be lit when in configuration mode when I'm configuring the UPS to use the voltage listed. The above table will not display properly but everything is listed in order. This table is available in the HP Uninterruptible Power System R3000 XR Models User Guide on page 3-3.

Part Number 192131-003
August 2002 (Third Edition)

Am I correct or am I reading this all wrong?

Thanks so much for your replies so far. I'm really lost here and I really need some help!
Chris Rosan
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Re: UPS questions

According to this URL:
there is a "low voltage" and a "high voltage" model.

If you click on each model, you can view the "quick specs" for either worldwide, or North America. According to your forum profile you are in "US" so i'll assume you're in North America and use that quick specs page.

The quick specs for both models link to the same page. At the section labelled "UPS R3000 Model Matrix" lists 2 models. One for the "low voltage" part # AF422A which is 120v, and AF423A for "high voltage".

It also says the following in this section:

1. User selectable for 100, 110, 120, 127V via front panel
2. User selectable for 200, 208, 220, 230, 240V via front panel
3. User selectable for 208, 220, 230, 240V via front panel
("1" is referenced to the "low voltage" and "2" to the "high voltage" models.

The quickspecs also say:

With three load segments, you have the flexibility to configure scheduled startups and shutdowns, in addition to independently control the separate load segments. Working in conjunction with HP Power Management Software, the HP UPS R3000 can be configured to extend the runtime for more critical devices.

I'd suggest this is where you need the rack and power management software. I suggest you install this software.

If you have servers of 120 & 200+ voltages then you will need 2 different UPS's. You MAY be able to purchase different power supplies for the Dell servers to run on 120 volts. Even better, you could get rid of the Dell and replace them with HP (no i don't work for HP :-) ).

I've always found the quickspecs sheet excellent for all HP equipment and accessories. You will see the part numbers for the 6 port cards etc on here as well. You can then use that part number for ordering, or searching for drivers & software. Also, one page back you will see a link for "software" for that device. In this case it links to:

I suggest you install this on one of the servers (if you haven't). If it still doesn't work then i'd definately suggest checking the serial ports in the bios as previously suggested. If that doesn't work, use the diagnostics utility on the Smartstart CD.

Hope this helps.