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Re: Unable to update ILO firmware on DL145 G2

Steed Mandabarino
New Member

Unable to update ILO firmware on DL145 G2

Hi, I'm trying to update the ilo firmware on my DL145 G2 with little success. The version I want is here :

But comes as a floppy image. The DL145 G2 doesn't come with a floppy as standard so I have to use some other method.

I've tried making my usb key bootable with the image but that doesn't work.

I've used the HP drive key boot utility to make a firmware boot image but that freezes my server.

I can boot from the firmware upgrade CD (7.4 I think) but that dumps me in a unix shell with nothing obvious to run (I've tried most things). I think that the CD may not support the DL145 G2 but it's not obvious from the docs I've read.

I've attempted making numerous bootable CD's with nero and copying the firmware upgrade floppy disk files over onto it but yjey all error before booting into dos.

I'm a bit stumped as to what to try next. the irony is that the firmware I'm trying to install adds floppy-image boot functionality.... When I can get it installed ;)

I must be missing something obvious as I can't find mention of this anywhere in the forums. Any help is very much appreciated.

Steed Mandabarino
New Member

Re: Unable to update ILO firmware on DL145 G2

K, finally cracked it with a bit of help from these forums and this :

Now I'm stuck on another couple of problems :

1. Trying to import a server certificate into the ilo using CLP. I've followed the pdf tutorial from HP but it gets stuck at "Initiating Download..." each time. The tftp server confirms that it sends the file each time though.

2. I've successfully imported an ssh key so I can now ssh into the ilo although telnet is still listening. Is it possible to disable telnet and just use ssh?

New Member

Re: Unable to update ILO firmware on DL145 G2

The DL14x series are not supported by the HP Drive Key Boot Utility. In order to perform this you need either a USB Floppy drive or to configure a USB memory stick as an MS-DOS partition and use a special utility to flash the BIOS. I've attached a zip file that contains the files necessary to upgrade the BIOS. Copy them all onto the MS-DOS formatted USB stick and enter the following command. "Phlash16 flashabl.rom /bbl /mode=3"