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Unexpected Reboots

Luis Mila
New Member

Unexpected Reboots

I have a Prolient ML350 G5, that reboots unexpectly. It will reboot today at 8:00 am and may reboot again two days after at 2:00 am. You can never tell when this will reboot. This is a terminal server, I diabled Shut down button, screen saver, all AV, updated BIOS, Firmware, drivers, and Windows. Stll this thing keeps rebooting. The HP Supprot went in and check every thing and said it looks like software.

Has anyone had anything like this happen or could give me ideas where to look.
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: Unexpected Reboots

did you look in the "system management home page"?
under tab "logs" there is "integrated management log" and "integrated lights out log".
maybe you find a clue there ?