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Unix shutdown on ML350

Adrian Coles
Occasional Advisor

Unix shutdown on ML350


We have a Proliant ML350 G4 running SCO Unixware 7.1.4

The company that supplied the server made up a graphical menu for us.
When we need to shutdown the server w can use one of these menu options, which in turn runs a command (presumably the shutdown command) and the system goes down.
It doesn't switch the server off however, it only shuts down to a message saying we can now switch off.
This is a pain as our site is highly susceptible to lightning strikes so we close down remotely during storms. (Because of this server I have to get out of bed and drive in to work in the middle of the night to turn it off)

We have been told by this company that it is impossible to perform a shutdown and switch off, (citing the version of SCO and the version of HP ware used to install SCO).

I don't wish to call them liars but if Windows can and Linux can surely Unix can...

Could someone give any hints here?
(For switch purposes, the server runs a DB system that is used by a windows client. The windows clients are always off before any shutdown is performed)

Thanks to any and all sensible responses.
Iain McCracken
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Re: Unix shutdown on ML350

Has it got an ILO if it has use that to power on

Re: Unix shutdown on ML350

Windows shuts down the server because the APCI drivers have this function. I would be suprised if SCO had such a system, but really, does it matter?

I assume you refer to shutting down remotely in a power strike, so that if you have a power outage or brownout, you don't lose data when the server shuts off.

Except if your server is sitting at an "OK to shutdown" screen, it's already safe to have an unplanned outage.

There is absolutely no need to have to go and get out of bed and hit a power button.

If your concern is more that a power surge will damage the equipment, just shutting it off won't save you either, it would need to be unplugged, and there's no way even Windows can do this.

Honestly if you're getting out of a car and driving out to this box regularly, it's got to be cheaper to go and buy a UPS, and let the box whether the storms all night long. A decent UPS should keep this box up through an hour or so of power outage. It will also keep you permenantly safe from surges.

You're looking for a dirty hack to fix a problem which is really caused by not having a proper solution in the first place.
Adrian Coles
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Re: Unix shutdown on ML350

You are right Joshua.

But I bet you don't have Directors who look over your shoulder and see that screen saying, 'Why hasn't it shut down?'

When I explain that that is in effect shutdown, they reply, 'No it's not. The screen is still on...'

Kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place here...

Our old server, (with same version of SCO), did shut down correctly...
That is what is cofusing me...

Robert-Jan Goossens
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Re: Unix shutdown on ML350


Check this software update.
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Re: Unix shutdown on ML350

Hi Adrian,

Totally understood.

How about a "you know these days, servers are so good you don't have to shut them down, you can just buy a UPS" angle?