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Upgrade CPUs in DL580 G2

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Upgrade CPUs in DL580 G2

I want to replace the 2 1.40GHz processors in an DL580 G2 with 2 2.80GHz processors. Can it be done and is there anything I need to do prior to the switch?

Stephen Kebbell
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Re: Upgrade CPUs in DL580 G2


should not be a problem. Make sure you have the latest ROM installed before you start.
I've done this a couple of times - just take the old CPUs out, new CPUs in. All DL580 G2s have the same system board, and there are no switches to fiddle around with.

Stone Sina
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Re: Upgrade CPUs in DL580 G2

I am wondering whether Doug Klein was ever successful in doing this.

I have a DL580 G2 with Quad 1.4GHz. I wanted to upgrade to Quad 2.8GHz. My BIOS is at 2004-09-15 which I think is the latest. After removal of old CPUs and plugin new CPUs, the system boot up. After the memory test, the machine shows it found 4 2.8GHz CPUs. Then, the screen says something like "unsupported CPU detected" - it hangs with an error like "102: system board error, timer test failed".

Anyone has some insight of this?

Thanks in advance.