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Using 2 hot swappable HDs as backup Hard drives

Andrew Wilbourn
New Member

Using 2 hot swappable HDs as backup Hard drives

Hi all!

I have an HP ML350 Generation 5 server.

At the moment we have two 250GB SATA Drives making logical Drive 1 with RAID 1+0 on SATA array A. This is where the Operating system is.

We also have one 250GB SATA Drive making Logical Drive 2 with RAID 0 on SATA array B. We use this to do weekly system backups on.

What we want to do is remove the drive on SATA array B and replace it with another drive once a week so the backup is done on another hard drive. We would then put the original back in. Thus we would be alternating between the two drives on a weekly basis and only be using them for backup purposes on Friday nights.

Is this possible? If so does the Operating system have to be off when we replace the drive in Array B? Is there anything we have to do within the Array configuration utility?

Thanks for your help