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WARNING: Microserver g8, micro-SD card and incorrect capacity displayed

Occasional Contributor

WARNING: Microserver g8, micro-SD card and incorrect capacity displayed

I replicated the "error".

It is something affecting the iLO (that host the SD card) and\or the new BIOS and/or the Ubuntu 12.04 (I am running the HP certified release)


old BIOS = 04/02/2013

new BIOS = 08/24/2013


- with the old BIOS the server works with the 8 GB SD card, but somethime fails with the 32 GB SC card.

- Flashing the new BIOS, every errors disappeared, so it seems working well, since the "readme.1st" of the new BIOS says that it solve similar issues.

- Things go very bad when you REMOVE the power cord (like happened this morning and now again... tried 3 times)

- Just after flashing the new BIOS everything is correct, even if you reset the server many times, but unplugging the power will make unusable both the 8 GB and the 32 GB SD card, since both are reported to be 32,13 MiB


Maybe it could be not only the BIOS but the iLO firmware too, but it seems there is no update for this one...


Moreover, plugging these SD card into the internal USB port, through s SD-to-USB stick, does not generate the error, so it seems affecting just the SD card slot.


Is there someone from HP that can answer, please?