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Want to use 2x PIII CPU with 1,266GHz

Franz Karger
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Want to use 2x PIII CPU with 1,266GHz


my customer has a hp netserver e800 with pIII 800MHz. now he want to change to multiprocessor use.
i only can order 2x PentiumIII 1266 MHz 1.45V FCPGA2 Socket 370.
it is possible to use this cpu's after biosupdate in netserver e800????
now it is installed windows 2000 server sp3.
i have to update to multiprocessor hal or i can use the installed OS ?????

thanxs for your responce

franz karger

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Re: Want to use 2x PIII CPU with 1,266GHz

Hi Frank,

Basically, If Windows 2000 was originally installed on the server when it only had a single processor, it will default to a single-processor HAL (hardware abstraction layer). If processor(s) are added later, the HAL on the server must be updated before it will be able to recognize and use more than one CPU.

You have two options, either you have to reinstall the OS or upgrade to a multi processor HAL. The foloowing two links should give you how to do it;en-us;234558&Product=win2000

It is a good Idea to update your BIOS to. You can get the latest BIOS on this E 800 server in this link〈=English&pnameOID=20916&prodSeriesId=45939&prodTypeId=15351&basePartNum=ns2091&locBasepartNum=ns-10135-1&os=Cross+OS&tech=BIOS

I hope this will help

Amha Kassa

Re: Want to use 2x PIII CPU with 1,266GHz

You welcome to try to add these processors to this server but they most likely will not work.

The E800 BIOS was only ever written to recongnize up to a 1GHz CPU. More than likely you will see and error simular to "Missing micro code" when you boot the server with these processors. That is if the machine will even POST. What effect this will have on performance or what speed the machine will recongnize the CPUs in the NOS at is unknown. Additional without the HP heatsink the machine may want to shutdown due to a failed heatsink on the second processor.

Here is the Part # and desciption for the 1GHz CPU:
P2597A Intel Pentium III processor module - 1000MHz (Coppermine, 133MHz front side bus, socket 370, 256k L2 cache) - Includes heat sink
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Re: Want to use 2x PIII CPU with 1,266GHz

you must use tualatin cpu adapter,for 1133/512L2 cache,1266/512L2 cache,1400/512L2 cache CPUs,pretty much all 512L2 cache PIII Tualatin CPUs,you use the jumpers to set CPU FSB frequency & Voltage,you can run them @ A lower voltage than marked,always go LOWER not UP !!! Burns them out! this aplies to all socket 370 FCGA socket MOBO single or dual that WHERE ORIGINALLY EQUIPED WITH 128L2 cache Celeron or PIII 256L2 cache CPUs.DO NOT DIRRECTLY INSTAL TAULATIN PIII CPUs INTO SOCKET WITH OUT ADAPTER,unless MOBO supports from the start,some dual processor boards do.