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What can I do? HP Netserver LX Pro

Charlie hall
New Member

What can I do? HP Netserver LX Pro

I was given an HP Netserver LX Pro and I really am not sure what to do with it. I want to understand what it does and what I can use it for. I wonder what its worth is? I hate to sound dumb, but this is new to me and I need someone to help me understand what I have. Thank you for reading and...HELP. Smiles, Charlene
Prem Selvam Arumugam
Trusted Contributor

Re: What can I do? HP Netserver LX Pro


HP Netserver LX Pro was HP's most powerful network server - deliver a top-of-the-line solution without a high-end price tag.

Itss same as a highend server hardware which can be customized as per your requirement.

As a case of Example, Need to Run Novell Netware most of the present day servers won't help you but still you can get it up with the LX Pro.

Need some details check this Link