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Re: Which forum?

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Which forum?

Can someone tell me why there are two Proliant server forums?
This one and also:

Also, why is my ID on this forum not recognised for the one above?
Trygve Henriksen
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Re: Which forum?

One is for America, the other is for Europe...

I think the forums11. server we're on right now is for America?

And no, it's not any more responsive or stable than this one....
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Re: Which forum?

Thanks. Two forums with the same coverage strikes me as a missed opportunity due to information dilution. Oh well never mind!
Gary Cantwell
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Re: Which forum?

Hi Spile,

There are two separate Forums - The one we are on at the moment is the Business Support Centre Forums - The forum in your link above is part if the ITRC Forums.

The Business Support Forums are geared towards business users, where the ITRC forums are more geared towards IT professionals..

As you have said there is a bit of duplication across both of them, along with the fact that there are also two separate logins. There are plans to merge the forums in to one...

Hope this answers your question,