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Re: Win 2k on a Proliant 5000 error 1032

Manases Ramos
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Win 2k on a Proliant 5000 error 1032

I have a Proliant 5000 with 4 200MHz, 1GB of ram, 3 9GB HD’s, and 7 4GB HD’s on a extra unit.
I have smartstart for servers release 5.20. I have done the configuration for the SCSI HD’s from this CD and have made the floppy configuration for the SCUSI adapters for win 2k. When installing I hit F6, then press the S key to specify an additional device. Then insert the diskette into the diskette drive, then I choose one of the options.
After doing this I get an error saying “ file \cpq32fs2.sys cause an unexpected error (1032) at line 1211 in D:\nt\private\ntos\boot\setup\oemdisk.c. “ after this error it takes me back to choosing 1 of the others options, I have also tray other floppy configurations from the HP website and I always get the same error.
Please help I going crazy, and I can’t stop till I can get this running, u see this is my first time installing on a server why is it so difficult. Please help

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Re: Win 2k on a Proliant 5000 error 1032

I had this same error - run the system configuration delete utility then restart the server with the SmartStart CD. BTW If your trying to do the assisted install, you need Windows 2000 Server (Windows 2000 Professional won't cut it) and your better just letting it run without using the F6 option.