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Win XP on Netserver LH 6000

John Pyles
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Win XP on Netserver LH 6000

my company just bought an HP Netserver LH 6000 that is used. I installed windows xp on the machine but it only identifies 2 of the 6 hard drives and does not see the tape drive. I also noticed that there aren't drivers for this system for windows xp.

can this system be setup correctly with windows xp? or should we purchase another operating system?
Sean T. Craig
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Re: Win XP on Netserver LH 6000

Hi John,

The reason there are no XP drivers on the website is because XP is a workstation product and this is a server. You can run NT Server 4.0 or Windows 2000 Server. If you want to run Server 2003, you will need to use the native O/S drivers as this operating system was released after the retirement of this server. HP is not investing any more resources in developing new drivers for retired servers.

Hope this helps,

Sean T. Craig Sr. C.E.T., M.C.P.

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james glass

Re: Win XP on Netserver LH 6000

I have an lh6000... am running win 2003 server enterprise edition (home/hobby setup).
the system is rock stable. Granted, it doesn't get too much traffic, but it's running 24/7. Too bad they retired these things.. they're tanks, and work GREAT (especially if you upgrade to 6x 900 mhz xeons).