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Windows 2003 SP1 fails during install on a ML330

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Windows 2003 SP1 fails during install on a ML330

W2003 SP1 hangs (on registry backup) on a ML330.
Could someone help ?

679.359: Skip Oem Device PCI\VEN_0E11&DEV_A0F0&SUBSYS_B0F30E11&REV_00\4&92859D3&0&3808
679.375: Enumerating Devices of Unknown, GUID {4D36E97E-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
67011.265: Message displayed to the user: Are you sure you want to cancel?
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Re: Windows 2003 SP1 fails during install on a ML330

Hi Cedric,

When you run Windows Setup, you may have more than one set of device drivers or .inf files that work with a particular device. Both Setup and Plug and Play attempt to resolve these conflicts by selecting the device driver that is the most suitable match for the device that is being installed

Plug and Play attempts to locate a compatible device driver by comparing the Plug and Play Identifications (IDs) of the hardware (returned by the device firmware or system BIOS at the time the device had been enumerated) with any matching Plug and Play IDs that are located in the .inf files.

I recommend to update your system BIOS, controller firmware, and driver for controllers. the reason why is the new service pack might require a firmware and driver that works with it which in otherwords require a firmware and driver update on the system before service pack updates
Here is where you can download the latest firmware and driver〈=en&h_client=S-A-R163-1&h_pagetype=s-002&h_query=ML330
Choose you generation server and select windows 2003 and you will get all the updates you need for the server

I would recommend to refer this microsoft document as well;en-us;279112

Good Luck

Amha Kassa
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Re: Windows 2003 SP1 fails during install on a ML330

Thanks for your response !

I have tried but with no success:
I have installed all firmware updates and PSP 7.30A

I have the same trouble with another proliant (ML330 G3)

Is it possible to skip this step (detection of drivers)?
Can i clear the catroot system folder ?