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Windows 2003 Server Power Shutdown

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Windows 2003 Server Power Shutdown

I have an HP UPS with an SNMP card installed in it. I have configured it to send SNMP traps to 2 server IP addresses. Is there a simple mechanism to get the W2003 servers to shut down gracefully after recieving a trap from the UPS. I have installed SNMP on the servers but don't see any way to confgure it.
Is there another service I need to install to configure the systems.
Tarek Kawach
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Re: Windows 2003 Server Power Shutdown

Hi Michael:

you will need a power management software
- example: Lansafe from powerware.

Hp has Rack and power manager software but I don't think it gives that options; but you can check it out.

What power management software are you using.

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