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Windows 2003 on Proliant DL380

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Windows 2003 on Proliant DL380

I'm struggling to install server 2003 on 2 spare DL380's i've got. They both used to host Novell 6 FS's.

Whatever process i chose i find that i get the same results. A nice failure!

I've tried booting up using Smartstart 8.15 and found that if there is a logical disk defined (Two disks on a Smart Array 5i Controller), it will stay on Loading driver step 2.
If i delete the logical drive and then reboot to Smartstart 8.15, it will get further but then stay on 75%. I've left it overnight as well. (yes...desprate!).

I've done the same process but using Server 2003 Standard and Server 2003 + SP1. This got to the "starting windows..." installation screen and then froze.

I've downloaded the Hp Proliant Maintenance CD and running that updated a couple of Firmware updates.

I still get the same issues.

I pulled out the Fibre cards to reduce the hardware inventory and still got the same problem. This is happening on both machines so i'm obviously missing out a step or process.

Can anyone help me or advise me on what to do next? I'm ready to throw them out of the window! :)

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Re: Windows 2003 on Proliant DL380

I ended up using the windows server 2003 CD using F6 and loading the drivers diskette that was created via 8.15 Smartstart. I had to delete the logical drive before. So i guess using Smartstart is not the way forward for GL380s!
Timothy Cusson
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Re: Windows 2003 on Proliant DL380

Normally SmartStart saves installation time and auto installs the latest drivers and Insight Agents and dependencies like SNMP.

It may have failed because of your previous configuration. You could use the SmartStart "System Erase" function to clear all configuration info and set all BIOS settings back to factory, then reboot SmartStart and install Windows.