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Windows 2008 boot partition size using smarstart 8.15

Occasional Visitor

Windows 2008 boot partition size using smarstart 8.15

Can anyone inform me why Smartstart 8.15 recommends having at least a 49152mb boot partition when installing Windows server 2008 x32 ?

Ive installed it with a 50gb which is slightly over, but after making it a DC which is all its going to be, its still got 35gb free.

Surely it cant need this just for future updates/additional roles, is it for hyper-v or am I missing something ?



Re: Windows 2008 boot partition size using smarstart 8.15

This is Microsoftâ s recommendation, it assumes youâ ll have your PageFile there and due to the fact that you wonâ t be able to delete updates there were (under windows 2003) stored under c:\WINDOWS\$NtUninstallKBnnnnnn$ which could be safely deleted, BUT are now stored in the WinSxS directory where you cannot (or at least should not) delete them. See
Supposedly SP2 will have a cleanup tool.

Re: Windows 2008 boot partition size using smarstart 8.15

I've created boot partitions as small as 18 Gig (for win2008 core) with no problems - so far - one year and counting. 76% free space right now.
Same Elay
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Re: Windows 2008 boot partition size using smarstart 8.15

I think the initial question was, why the Smart Start recommended to install the Operating System with 49152mb boot partition size.

The answer is, the SmartStart utility calculate the size requirement based on the operating system, and memory available on the server. The page file, dump file and hibernate file requirements vary based on the available memory. The partition requirement varies based on the operating system requirement as well. If you have standard edition operating system, the OS footprint is low. If you are selecting the Enterprise Edition, the OS foot print will be little higher. And more over, the SmartStart Utility calculates the space requirements based on the Microsoft recommendations and it considers the space for the system with all features and optional components installed.

I hope this answered your question.
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Re: Windows 2008 boot partition size using smarstart 8.15

Sort of, but even with all that, and having a double memory page file which I dont bother setting on a DC, its still only 25gb.

So I guess its kinda getting there, just seemed a little high to me as I always make a separate partition for all my programs still as well.