about CPU pin.

Sungjun Lee
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about CPU pin.


I bought a pair of CPU (P/N: 283702-B21) for PROLIANT ML350 G3 SERVERS.
Actually, I have to use the CPUs in other motherboard (Tyan).

As you may know well, there is a pin for supporting the heatsink in the upgrade CPUs.
Can you identify the socket pin (box shape, see attachment) in ML350 G3 motherboard?
How can I call the product?
Where can I buy it.
Oleg Koroz
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Re: about CPU pin.

Hi Sungjun
It's possibly be more specific, what you mind.. Socket pin box shape..
Processor Assembly Comes as Heatshink, CPU and Plastic Bracket see attachment. All other Components it's a Part of System Board Assembly with Processor Cage.