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bc2000 chassis problem

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Edward Sothcott
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bc2000 chassis problem

I have a chassis for bc2000 blades and can no longer connect to the web server on it. The IP address no longer pings as well. I have tried rebooting the chassis several times but with no success.
The chassis was originally configured by someone else so I have no documentation or original initial configuration/install documents.
Can anyone help?
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Re: bc2000 chassis problem

Hi Edward,

For documentation, try this URL:

As for the best way to check the chassis configuration without affecting it would be to connect to the console (DB9 Serial) port on the rear of the unit with hyperterm, log in and enter "show network" minus the quotes. This will show you how its network interface is configured, its' IP address, and if the web interface is enabled.
I work for HP, but my posts and replies are my own.
Edward Sothcott
Occasional Contributor

Re: bc2000 chassis problem

Thanks Dennis, that's what I needed.
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Re: bc2000 chassis problem

We also had this issue. The chassis (and the integrated switch) would drop their static IP's after about 24hours.

The solution was to disable the Cisco PVST compatability. ONLY do this if you don't use Cisco products. We use 3com 4400's and 5500's and found that the 2 different spanning tree protocols were conflicting.

PVST interoperability.

The PVST Interoperability feature is only intended for use with Cisco based networks running Per VLAN Spanning Tree and no more than three active VLANs on each PC Blade Switch. Optionally, a third VLAN may be added to support Out-of-Band manageability. See section on ???Configuring Out-of-band Management??? below for more information.

When connecting to Cisco based networks that use MST (IEEE 802.1s) or any other switch vendor that follows IEEE Industry Standardized methods for Spanning Tree usage such as ProCurve, Nortel, or 3Com the recommended practice is to disable the PVST Interoperability feature and configure the PC Blade Switch to interoperate with the network using IEEE standards.

Run these commands to disable the PVST Interoperability feature, which will leave the switch operating with pure MSTP or IEEE 802.1s Multi-Instance Spanning Tree. Note: Be sure this is what the network you are connecting to is running or else you will need to run additional commands to configure the switch appropriately.

console> enable
console# configure
console(config)# no spanning-tree mst mstp-rstp
console(config)# spanning-tree mst configuration
console(config-mst)# instance 15 remove vlan 3-4093
console(config-mst)# exit
console(config)# end

Be sure to save the switches configuration.

This is the only solution that worked for us. Hope it helps you. but please make sure you want to do it first!