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Re: bios not found hp proliant ml 110 G4 SAS hard disks

Umed Laghari
New Member

bios not found hp proliant ml 110 G4 SAS hard disks

plz help me .i have ML 110 G4 server with 4 SAS hard disks.when i start the server it don't detect any hard disk and give me "BIOS not found" error msg when i try to creat array of hard disks but it say "drive is not detected".plz help me
Mark Eskdale
New Member

Re: bios not found hp proliant ml 110 G4 SAS hard disks

Hi Umed,

are you using the HP SAS/SATA E200 Smart Array card or the embedded SATA controller?

I have had a number of issues with G4 ML110's in enabling the embedded SATA Raid controllers in W2003 SBS even with the correct raid Drivers (press f6 on blue screen windows setup to select mass storage drivers- then it i will ask you to Press S to specify the controller then enter the floppy with the drivers) The floppy must be the HP USB Floppy or HP USB drive to be recoginised and work. I have tried other USB floppys and although they show the drivers it always fails.

Not sure if this is you problem but if you don' use the HP usb floppy to load the drivers it fails and on reboot when windows should copy the software to the drives it does not recognise the RAID array.

If you have not enabled the embedded RAID press F10 on BIOS POST at boot and go to advanced chipset (i think and enable SATA RAID) then exit and save changed > reboots> then once the EMbedded SATA RAID option comes up hit F8 to create an RAID 1+0 (Mirror) Array and save and exit > reboots> then have your HP USB floppy set with the drivers on floppy disc boot to Windows CD on blue screen hit F6 ( right at the start) wait a few minutes then S to specify driver from floppy insert floppy disk into usb floppy drive choose SATA RAID driver then enter to continue. windows will finish mini set up and reboot, remove floppy disc from drive and sit should then load the 2nd part of windows installation (If not it is still not recognising the RAID Arra/hard drives and controller.

PS please make sure you are using 2x identical hard discs (2 x 160Gb drives to create a raid 1+0 Array)

sorry if you already know any of this.