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c3000 w/ BL460c blades KVM video not good.

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c3000 w/ BL460c blades KVM video not good.

We just installed a c3000 enclosure with the optional KVM module (441834-001) installed in the back. The problem we are having is that the video quality when we use the KVM to switch between blades is awful, like 16 colors, the mouse is very slow. Its almost like the server doesnt have its video drivers installed. However, if we use the dongle and plug into the blade itself everything looks/works great.

We have another c3000 configured with the same blades and modules that hasnt been powered up.. and swapping that KVM module into the working c3000 produces the same bad quality/slow mouse.

Any ideas?
Prem Selvam Arumugam
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Re: c3000 w/ BL460c blades KVM video not good.


I feel, HP's design team completely want us to manage the blade environment from remote, for trouble shooting use SUV adapter to connect to individual blades

To manage all servers logon to On-Board Administrator & iLo the respective blade.

Also once i was told by mt friend that it works well when connected Via HP's KVM Switch using KVM Adapter .
Samuel Gushurst
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Re: c3000 w/ BL460c blades KVM video not good.

I'm working on a c3000 with all HP parts, embedded kvm, display. The red color is missing. I've connected a new cable from the KVM to a second monitor same results. I've even swapped the kvm with another from a working c3000 same results. Last thing I've going to try is swapping the OA out.