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chkdsk/f on NetServer LC3

Tin Aung
Occasional Contributor

chkdsk/f on NetServer LC3

hi all,

When everyone is going away, I tried to tidy up the server.... I thought it would be a good idea, to disk clean up, defragemnt to all the disks on server.

When tried on C drive, I got an error message saying that it can't be done and that errors on the dirve needs to be fixed.

Which let me to run chkdsk/f at start up. (I don't know why i didn't run the scan disk initally!)

The problem was when I rebooted the system, the system set up comes up, and windows 2000 set up comes up with an option pressing F8, which i didn't!

Then I see a blue screen comes up (not death screen of blue), i can still move my mouse pointer around....

But I am afriad it has been staying that way for the whole night....

When I checked this morning, the power light by the hard drive light is stable green but the hard drive light is not flashing at all...

I checked microsoft website it says if the disk is large such as 70G, it could even take a few days....

I would like to find out if there is a way to terminate that chkdsk/f process? I did reboot but no luck.

Thanks in advance..