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constant beep - Netserver E800

John Bloor
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constant beep - Netserver E800

Don't know if anyone can help. I have taken over support for a HP Netserver E800 running SCO Unix. We recently had to down the server for a Power Supply Test. On re-booting the server started beeping constantly although it booted correctly and the applications running on it function correctly. I'm sure this is trying to tell me something but as this is my first experiance of a Netserver machine and SCO Unix I'm floundering in the dark.
Any suggestions would be most welcome before this constant beeping drives the staff out of their minds.
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Re: constant beep - Netserver E800

Hi John,

Most probabily you have a netriad controller in it and you have a failed hard drive. That is the way the raid controller warn you that you have a failed drive and possibly you logical drive is degradded. If so, do this

1. Boot the server and press CTRL + M when you see it on the screen (it will take you to the netraid express tools)
2. Depending on the controller the alarm control option will be in the main menu or Go to Object/Adapter and then select that option
3. Silence it or disable it
(Silencing will only work for that instance--if you reboot the server before you fix the failed hard drive
Disabling will disable it for ever and you will not be mnotified if you have a drive failur again unless you re-enable it after you fix the faild drive)

I hope this will help

Amha Kassa