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dl140 g2 ilo100 pain

billy burnout
New Member

dl140 g2 ilo100 pain

I've inherited some(!) dl140 g2's that are doing a decent enough job and, hopefully, won't be going away any time soon.
I just can't get the iLo to play nicely.

I've updated the firmware to 1.25A - see〈=en&cc=us&mode=3&

where it states in the release notes that -

NOTE: Secure Socket Layer, Secure Shell and virtual floppy enhancements are available as LO100i technology previews with this firmware release.
This allows customers to evaluate and use these features at no extra charge for an unlimited timeframe on ProLiant DL140 G2 servers.

how on earth do you get the SSL and SSH running ?
I've scoured the forums and wasted hours on this so far and got nowhere.
if that's just incorrect (after all these years?) and I need to buy ilo advanced/select licences, where do I get them from ?
can't find ilo licencing info that references anything older than the dl140 g3.

for the job these things are doing, they're great. it'd be silly (just plain wrong) to
plan their demise over something like this,
but reasonable remote access is becoming a must-have for me now.
if there's any suggestions or other options you can think of,
please let me know

Tristan Vander Auwera
Occasional Advisor

Re: dl140 g2 ilo100 pain

This guide may help: 'HP ProLiant Lights-Out 100 Remote Management User Guide for HP ProLiant DL140 G2, DL145 G2, ML110 G3, and ML150 G2 Servers'

billy burnout
New Member

Re: dl140 g2 ilo100 pain

hello Tristan,

thanks for the reply, but I've already read
through that manual, I can't see where it says
anything about enabling ssh, just that it's available when you install the advanced/select pack, have I missed something there ?

the firmware update states that ssh functionality is available in the 1.25A release
with no extra charge, implying that
a licence purchase isn't necessary to use ssh
with that firmware.

I can't see how it can mean anything but that .
doesn't seem possible to buy a licence for these things now either way.
anyone have any other ideas or suggestions ?

billy burnout
New Member

Re: dl140 g2 ilo100 pain

I've tried emailing HP, I've scoured the forums
(including all 40 pages of ilo forum) and wasted hours on this so far, with 0 results.

I've fetched a lo100i trial license just
to see if it's going to work out buying these,
however, the license has no mention on how
you install it.

I've not seen that info anywhere,
can anyone enlighten me on how you actually install a lo100i license on a dl140g2 ?

Tristan Vander Auwera
Occasional Advisor

Re: dl140 g2 ilo100 pain

Pls check if the attached 'How to' helps for SSH and SSL