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dl160 G6 - Raid 5

Wesley Bakker
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dl160 G6 - Raid 5

Hi All,

For the above mentioned server I can find this in the specs:
Hot Plug SAS/SATA Models: HP P410 Smart Array Controller RAID 0,1,10, 5

We've got the 4 hot plug backplane installed with 3 disks of 750Gb but I can still only configure either raid 0 OR raid 1+0.

I would like to configure raid 5 however.

Can someone please explain me how to do this?

I've tried installing Windows on raid 1 and then use the Array Configuration Utility to no success(it erased all my disks though...).

I've tried the ACU CLI but it tells me I do not have the option.

And I've used the ACU on the Smart Setup disk.

So I'm kinda out of options.


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Re: dl160 G6 - Raid 5

RAID Support

RAID 6, 6+0 (Advanced Data Guarding)
NOTE: The minimum of 256 MB cache, battery kit, and Smart Array Advanced Pack License Key upgrade is required to enable RAID 6, 6+0

RAID 5, 5+0 (Distributed Data Guarding)
NOTE: The 256 MB & Battery Kit upgrade is required to enable RAID 5, 5+0 support of the Smart Array P410i