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dl380 g4, lto232, integrated 6i controller

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dl380 g4, lto232, integrated 6i controller

need to know if I NEED an extra controller for this setup. If not, what could I be missing?

1 - dl380 G4, 6 x 72GB 10k drives, with 6i integrated controller
1 - internal storageworks LTO 232 drive placed into 1U rackmount unit, connected externally to DL380.

Currently if tape drive is connected to external port on server, controller balks saying current setup for tape drive is invalid.

HP docs sometimes indicate 232 LTO needs its own controller. Not finding accurate information...

What could be missing:
-jumper setting on back of internal drive, not matching external rackmount unit?
-BIOS setting?
-Dual chanel ports currently occupied ->both plugged to SCSI backplane for internal HDs.

Thanks for any help
Steven Clementi
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Re: dl380 g4, lto232, integrated 6i controller


If your DL380G4 is in duplex mode, meaning bays o and 1 are on one SCSI channel and 2-5 are on the second channel... the external scsi connection will NOT work.

If you are in simplex mode, the external port is on the 2nd channel of the 6i.

The 6i supports only LVD SCSI connections. I am not familiar with the LTO you have and I can't rwally look it up right now. If the docs for the LTO claim that it needs a separate controller, then you must have a second contrller to use it.

There are no jumpers to change on the HDD's.
There is no BIOS setting that I know of.

Aside from all this, you would probably not experience the expected transfer rates with the LTO connected to a RAID controller. HP recommends attaching ANY tape device to a separate SCSI Controller.

Basedon the quickspecs, the 6i is listed for the LTO 232 so it should work. I would check to see if your running in duplex mode. There should be a scsi terminitor on the backplane just behind the middle seam between drive bays 0-1 and 2-3. It would have a clear plastic cover on it to hold it in place.

You can also check via ACU. You would see drives on different channels if you are in duplex mode.

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Oleg Koroz
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Re: dl380 g4, lto232, integrated 6i controller
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Re: dl380 g4, lto232, integrated 6i controller

Thanks folks, after actually looking at the server this is what I found. So essentially it works, but obviously not the optimal solution.