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dual core --> quad core upgrade in BL465c G1

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dual core --> quad core upgrade in BL465c G1

Hey Everyone. I've got a bit of an issue with some of my Linux-based blades after upgrading their pair of CPUs.

Before swapping out the hardware, I upgraded the BIOS, ILO, NIC, and RAID firmware to the newest levels. After this, I've changed the CPUs. The machines booted fine, and could see and utilize all 8 cores.

Now here is the fun part. After I run a stress test for a while, the machine shuts down and the health led goes red. The machine sits and standby and refuses the power up, and there is no error messages of any kind listed in the ILO.

The only way to get the system to work again is the replace the motherboard.....

This has occured in 4 of 10 blades upgraded.... any ideas?