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help --> Can not burn "HP Customizations for VMware ESXi image" to USB using HP usb key utility

Occasional Contributor

help --> Can not burn "HP Customizations for VMware ESXi image" to USB using HP usb key utility



I have Microserver Gen8 and having problem with booting.


I tried to use Intelligent Provisioning OS to install "HP Customizations for VMware ESXi" It does not install from my USB.

I tried the following steps:


1- Using Mac to Burn ISO on USB and try to use , not working

2- Put raw ISO on USB i can browse the file and when I double click on it after 2,3 second nothing happen.

3- Try to use Bios and boot directly from USB , not working either. ( infact the it doesnt check USB it fall back to drive C:)



Then I tried the Windows HPUSBFW to burn the iso on the USB.

I got the following errors:


SYMPTOM:Error "This CD/DVD does not support USB Key creation from an ISO file."
SYMPTOM:Error "Please use physical CD/DVD media to create the USB Key."


based on docs the casue should be one of the following, but I have check all of them and these are not the causes...



CAUSE:ISO file is corrupt  --> checked MD5 and this is OK
CAUSE:ISO file is not bootable  --> I have downloaded from HP and it should be , also checked another ISO ,
CAUSE:CD/DVD media is damaged --> not relavant, I browse to ISO file.



unfortunately the HP documention is poor about this issue and I stuck :( please help me.


PS: USB is brand new SanDisk 32GB and I use another USB just in case, but same error