j'ai un probleme de configuration reseau sur un serveur DL380 G4 windows2003 SRV , il m'est impossible de modififier ma config IP , je penses que cela vient de " hp network configuration utility" j'ai essayer de le mettre a jour via " HP smartstart 7.51 " mais il ne s'installe pas .Comment puis je desinstaller l'ancienne version ? existe t il une procedure ?
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It will be good if you could re-post your query in English, so that everyone in the forums will be able to understand your query. This will help you to get more suggestions from different peers.

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Here is the english translation of the above post:
I have a problem with my network configuration on a DL380 G4 running Windows Server 2003, I am not able to modify my IP configuration. I think that that comes from â HP network configuration utilityâ I have tried to update it via SmartStart 7.51 but it does not work. How do I uninstall the old version? Is there a procedure? Thank you for your assistance.
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