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hp Proliant ML110G3 and SuSE Linux 10.1 installation problem

Vassilios Vamvas
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hp Proliant ML110G3 and SuSE Linux 10.1 installation problem


I am trying to install SuSE Linux 10.1 on an hp Proliant ML110G3 machine. The PC has two 160GB SATA drives and I've created a RAID-1 array using the built-in SATA RAID controller's BIOS utility.

When I boot with the installation DVD and I reach the point where I can specify the partitions I want to create, I notice that the setup program provides me with both /dev/sda and /dev/sdb drives, whereas I was expecting to see only one logical drive, eg. /dev/sda, since I've already created an array using the controller BIOS. Of course I don't continue any further with the installation since creating a RAID from within the OS in this situation would not be a sensible thing to do.

Why can't the array be detected? Am I doing something wrong here? How can I persuade SuSE Linux to actually see only the logical array I've created?

Just a note aside: I've installed Windows 2000 Server on an identical machine. My problem there was that there was no possibility to use a floppy with the F6 key to insert the necessary RAID driver during installation. I've got around this by building another installation CD with nLite and slipstreaming the drivers there. After that, Windows presented me with only one hard drive. That's what I am trying to accomplish using Suse.

I really would like to make this work. Does anybody know of a way?

Waiting anxiously....

Vassilis Vamvas
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Re: hp Proliant ML110G3 and SuSE Linux 10.1 installation problem

I am having the same problem but with the Proliant ML150 G2 server with 3x250Gb SATA with the HP SATA controller bought with the machine.

The server is 2 weeks old and i really need to get it to work.

Anyone found some more info for SUSE Linux 10 server SATA support?

Also, i went to ADAPTEC for somoe answers since i believe they are the makers of the controller card. They have an updated version of the drivers needed, but the installation process and informations is very limited.

Would be very nice to get a straight answer from HP in regard of the actual controller card if it is really a hardware RAID controller or a software one.
And get more details to install SUSE server with this setup.

many thanks in advance,