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hp microserver proliant gen8 power led amber light

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hp microserver proliant gen8 power led amber light


I purchased a refurbished proliant microserver gen 8 (2x8 gb ram, 4x1 To hdd) and the server won't start. When pluging power supply, power led turns amber (standby) but the server won't start (I tried to hold the button for 10 sec or hammering the button with my finger multiple times, you know the deal...). When plugging Health LED blinks amber for an instant and then nothing. Nic led is flashing green. I tried with a different power supply, switch rams and HDD (4 to 0) without success. Any idea on how to deal with my problem ? Thank you in advance



Re: hp microserver proliant gen8 power led amber light

Hi Kor,

To narrow down on the issue and fix it, please follow the below troubleshooting steps:

1) Shut down the server
2) Remove the power cable
3) Remove all the components on the system board (Dims, Processors, all PCI cards)
4) Reseat all the cables
5) Disconnect any external devices
Now install only one dim, one proc and power on the server and check if the server boots up successfully.
6) If the server boots up successfull, start adding the other components one by one till we narrow down on the component which is causing the issue and replace the same.






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