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I have recently downloaded the apadu RPM and have installed it onto my DL 360 Proliant Server with an attached disk array. When I run hpaducli -f I get a file with 5000+ lines.

Is there any information about what fields in that file are important, or any to analyze the file? I would like to create a utility that can read this file and send me an alert if there is a bad disk or controller.

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Re: hpadu


the ADU is more for diagnostics, so when there is an issue , then run ADU and that file can be analysed for more details about the disk or array controller.
HP has some internal tools that create a report based on the ADU output file, those tools are not public but for internal support.

Normally the way to get informed of issues with disks and disk controllers (and much more in the server system) is via the Insight Management Agents, they will log or even email you when an issue has occured.
This is all automated and easier to use then the manual process of looking at the ADU output.

Start here:


Select your version of Linux and download the Inisght Management Agents and System Home Page.