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Re: hpasm problems on BL25p

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hpasm problems on BL25p

I am in the process of rolling out the Advanced System Management software in order to monitor the hardware of our p-class blade systems. This has been successful on our BL20p (xeon) systems, but on the BL25p (Opteron) systems we have encountered a couple of problems.

Initially on installing hpasm I found that on every single BL25p the 'show dimm' command returns "DIMM is degraded" for every single memory module.

As an attempt to rectify this problem I installed the most recent firmware update - "A02 02/14/2007" (the rest of the blades are running "A02 03/01/2006) on one of the blades. Following the installation of this update hpasm stopped working entirely - when started hpasmd sits consuming all available CPU time and hpasmcli hangs indefintely when invoked.
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Re: hpasm problems on BL25p

Should have mentioned, we're using hpasm-7.7.0-115 on Debian Sarge