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hpe proliant microserver gen10

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hpe proliant microserver gen10

I recently purchased the HPE Proliant MicorServer Gen 10, and it came without harddrives or a dvd.

I downloaded the Clear OS ISO to a thumb drive, but when I try to run it, it wont start up.

Using F11 I can go to the Boot Options menu, but no matter which port I put the thumb drive into, the server does not see it.

I have on the first of four three TB hard drives installed, the same ISO and also the ISO for the Windows Server 2016 Program, but nothing shows up in the Boot option menu.

I know that I am doing something wrong, or missing a file that I have to have for the server to see the drives, but if I download yet another file, how can I get the server to recognize the thumb drive that contains the needed file?

Please Help

Jerry Edwards

Jimmy Vance
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Re: hpe proliant microserver gen10

It sounds like you are just copying the ISO image to a USB drive key.  If this is the case, the system won't boot.  You need to create a bootable USB device using the ISO image.  There are several methods to do this. ClearOS provides instructions

You can also use a tool called Rufus




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