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Re: i have error blue sceen stop:0x0000007e

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i have error blue sceen stop:0x0000007e

and 0xc0000005 0xf8e21953 0xf9ca2774 0xf9ca2470 and s3gnbm.sys -address f8e21953 base at f8eofooo darestump. 3ed1acdc on the hp pavilion when i install windows xp sp2 i get blue sceen haft way in the installing windows i think to do with the bios it wont let me install widows xp sp2 these numbers come up with the blue sceen all the time can some one plz let me no what these nubers me and i can install windows xp sp2 thanks for you help thanks
r siva
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Re: i have error blue sceen stop:0x0000007e

Dear ,

I hope you have in your system s3 Graphic card ,if possible boot the system in safe mode then uninstall the graphic display driver,due to display driver only you are getting this error.else
Boot from winxp ercovery cd and select the recocery console option from there delete (s3gnbm.sys)c:\windows\system32\s3gnbm.sys

then reboot the sytem then install the sighen display driver ,no need to reinstall the os.