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iLO Directory Support & AD

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iLO Directory Support & AD

I have a few wierd problems after installing the directory services support.

1. When I go into ADU&C and bring up one of the roles I created, I cannot change anything on the Lights Out Management tab. Everything is greyed out.

2. When I run a directory test from the iLO, I get the following:

Unable to confirm directory user context 1:OU=xxx,DC=yyy,DC=zzz
Unable to confirm directory user context 2:OU=xxx,DC=yyy,DC=zzz
Unable to confirm directory user context 3:OU=xxx,DC=yyy,DC=zzz
Unable to confirm LOM Object CN=xxx,OU=xxx,DC=yyy,DC=zzz in directory.
Ceasing tests.

I've tried this both manually and using the Migration Utility. I've upgraded the iLO to the latest firmware (v1.82) and I'm using HP Directories Support for Management Processors v2.00.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!