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iLO and Active Directory setup issue

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iLO and Active Directory setup issue

I've setup iLO (on my DL360G4p) to talk with my Active Directory via the schema-less method. It's using the dedicated iLO port. There are no local users other than the default Administrator account.

I have an Active Directory Group with two members which I wish to give access to the iLO processor. With User1 I log in and I have full access as configured in the Directory Group Settings panel. I have checked this with the test option in the directory settings panel. This is what I want.

However, if I sign in with User2 that account doesn't have access to things. When I check that account with the test option the only right returned is the right to Login. Shouldn't this also have the same rights as User1?

Can anyone give me any pointers to what I am doing incorrect?

I believe I have set up the Directory setting correctly (my User1 works ok) but I am assuming that I can just add the users I wish to give iLO rights to to the Active Directory group I have defined. Is this correct?