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iLO, c7000 chassis, and BL460c blades

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iLO, c7000 chassis, and BL460c blades

Could someone please explain the relation of these 3 components? I would assume that each individual blade still has its own iLO RJ45 port on the back of it. Where does it attach to? How do you manage all of the blades' iLO cards in the c7000 chassis? Can you still access each iLO individually or do you go to one common web interface that lists all iLOs in the chassis and connect from there? Sorry if there are simple questions but I must ask...
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Re: iLO, c7000 chassis, and BL460c blades

Each iLO has its OWN IP address.

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kris rombauts
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Re: iLO, c7000 chassis, and BL460c blades


quick answer to the question is:

- no physical RJ45 port anymore for every iLO
- all iLO's are internally connected to a network that you access by logging into the OA (Onboard Administrator) which is the management card of the whole enclosure.
The OA has a RJ45 port and this is your entry point to the whole C7000 enclosure.

- once logged in to the OA, you get pass-through access to each iLO when you want to access it. This is alsodescribed as SSO (Single Sign On) which basically measn you don;t need the user/passwd for each individual iLO once you are logged on to the OA.
- if you want, you can still log in to each individual iLO on each bladeifyou know the ip/dns name and user/pwd, just as with a rack version of your Proliant server.