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iLo auth via AD

james jursch
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iLo auth via AD

I have a few questions around authenticating a iLo card via AD.

1 - is there a way to authenticate in clear text? (I know bad - but have a requirement)

2 - is there still the local access info on the iLo card? Or is there just the default admin account?

3 - If I must use ssl via secure ldap can I enable secure ldap on just one of my DC's and point all my iLo's there? (I know bad, but temp solution)

thanks for any pointers

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Re: iLo auth via AD

1 - No. Secure LDAP is required.

2 - Yes. You can configure the card to accept local, local + directory, or just directory logins. Obviously settings this to just directory logins is asking for trouble... if your DC is down and you can't authenticate via LDAP :)

3 - Yes. As far as I'm aware you must actually specifiy a dns/ip of a 'Directory Services Server'. iLO's don't search for DC's like Win clients do, as thye dno't assume you've got AD. You could have eDirectory....

I'm running iLO firmware v1.80 on all servers so some of my comments may not be correct if you're running different f/w.