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iLo4 Microserver Gen 8 alertmail

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iLo4 Microserver Gen 8 alertmail

In the past I have used iLo alertmail in environments where a mail server is present. We're deploying several microservers in remote locations where there are no mail servers. Does anyone have experience setting up alertmail in an environment were mail servers do not exist? Most of my research points to setting up a relay e-mail but I have not been successful with that either. Also, if anyone knows of a better way to have the microserver send alerts from remote locations I would be interested in that as well. Thanks



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Oscar A. Perez
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Re: iLo4 Microserver Gen 8 alertmail

iLO Alertmail uses "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol" but, we all know almost every ISP block TCP port 25 as a way to fight SPAM.


Perhaps, doing SSH tunneling of the iLO SMTP traffic could work. I haven't tested it myself yet but, here is what I would do: 


Set up a SSH server that supports tunneling in the central location.

Have another host in the remote locations (same local network as iLO) running puTTy.

Configure puTTy Tunneling option to allow Port Forwarding of connections from other hosts.

Configure iLO AlertMail "SMTP Server" with the IP address of the host running puTTy.



Here is how to configure puTTy tunneling.


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