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ide on a netserve 2000r

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ide on a netserve 2000r

I had to install a after market ide controller on my lc2000 and was wondering if any one has any ideas on how to tap into the hd led I am also running scsi on it

Re: ide on a netserve 2000r

There is no problem running SCSI and IDE on the same machine. It is just that SCSI is a lot faster and robust. The HP servers have been set up to use SCSI drives just because of these attributes, servers have to be fast and reliable.

One trick that I have used with HP NetServers is to use the IDE cable that runs to the CD drive and add a IDE hard drive to it. Since the CD drive is not used much, the IDE hard drive has almost full use of the band width on the IDE cable. Just remember to set one of the devices on the IDE cable to master and the other to slave. It really doesnâ t matter witch is which, there is no priority given to one device over the other, even though the master/slave designation might lead you to think so. Parallel IDE drives are real cheap now days, $100 will get you a 300 GB drive.

One thing you should think about is to plug the after market IDE controller into a 64 bit bus slot. This will usually be the number five slot. The number six slot probably already has your SCSI RAID controller card in it.