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insmod Options for Intel PRO/1000 does not work

Robert Rinnberger
New Member

insmod Options for Intel PRO/1000 does not work


I am using 2 ML 530 P2 with RedHat Linux V7.3 and 6x Compaq NC6132 1000 SX Upgrade Module for NC3131. They use the e1000 (version 4.1.7) driver wich comes with RedHat. I tried to modify options for the driver in the /etc/modules.conf for a better performance:

options e1000 RxDescriptors=4096,4096,4096,4096,4096,4096 TxDescriptors=4096,4096,4096,4096,4096,4096 RxIntDelay=1024,1024,1024,1024,1024,1024

But the value for Rx/TxDescriptors doesn't work.

Compaq Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter
Invalid TxDescriptors specified (4096), using default 256
Invalid RxDescriptors specified (4096), using default 256
Using specified RxIntDelay of 1024
eth15: Mem:0xf6ce0000 IRQ:10 Speed:1000 Mbps Duplex:Full

Any ideas about that? Do I need a newer driver?