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installing fedora on a hp netserver 5/100LH2

robert davies
New Member

installing fedora on a hp netserver 5/100LH2

I am trying to install fedora linux on a HP netserver 5/100LH2. The boot disk for fedora will not fit on a floppy. Feldora tells you to put in on a usb drive. The netserver 5\1000LH2 does not have usb. So i put it the img on a my scsi zip disk and It will not boot it. I made a boot disk for win 98 and put in on zip. I can boot the win98 but not the fedora it on the netserver 5\100LH2.

The fedora boot disk i made on a zip disk will boot on my windows computer.

Srinath R
Occasional Advisor

Re: installing fedora on a hp netserver 5/100LH2

Hi Robert,

Looking at what you have mentioned, at this point you have only two options:

1)Installation through LAN ie PXE Boot

2)Fix a CD ROM to the server and do the installation through the CD

3) To fix the HDD to another system and complete the installation(at your own risk) which is not recommended as there are possibilities that during the proceedure if something goes wrong,you might loose the HDD.