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ioctl32 errors when booting RHEL 5.3


ioctl32 errors when booting RHEL 5.3

Background : I have a three node RHEL 5.3 cluster. 2 x Application servers and 1 x database server. The two application nodes have shared SAN storage (they are exposed to the same disk). I have downloaded and installed PSP 8.20

Problem: I get the following two error messages when booting the two application nodes:

Starting IDE agent (cmaided)
kernel: ioctl32(cmaeventd:5204): Unknown cmd fd(6) cmd(c054420b){00} arg(ffd09f94) on /dev/sg0

kernel: ioctl32(cmafcad:5245): Unknown cmd fd(6) cmd(c054420b){00} arg(ff85e174) on /dev/sg0

I have tried to google this but was unable to find any information. Is this a problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.