iscsi boot


iscsi boot

Hi everyone,

I am trying to get a HP blade that is in a 495c enclosure to iSCSI boot with an HP NC382m adapter. I prepared test iSCSI boot target on a linux machine (SLES11).

I could simply configure the NIC on the NC382m manually. It is clear that most parameters are correct, as it correctly logs into the target and actually loads the MBR on its first partition.

One of the documents I used is the "HP roLiant iSCSI Boot or Linux User Guide", Part Number 432561-00G, May 2008 (Seventh Edition). Is there a newer version of this document?
I do not find it very clear.

I get a GRUB string at booting, at times a red screen with Illegal OpCode, all sorts of error messages, but not the desired boot yet... Am I correct in thinking that I am "almost there", seeing it try to boot from the correct partition?