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keyboard and mouse error

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keyboard and mouse error

I have several 2-hand HP NetServer E 60 and E 800, and I locate them on a IDC.

When these servers boot-up, they will tell the keyboard and mouse error and wait for someone to press F1.

How do I skip this error message, and make there servers to go on loading my OS?
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Re: keyboard and mouse error

Hi Ken,

First make sure the keyboards and mouses are firmly connected. and then

Open the server and clear the NVRAM as follows
1. Look for a configuration switch (With 8 dip switchs) on ths syetemboard which will be located close to the CMOS battery and flip switch# 4 to the ON position and reboot the server
2. You will get a message that tells you the configuration switch is ON and to set it OFF so do that (Flip it to the OFF position)
3. Power up server and you probabily get some POST error because of that, press F2 anyways to get in to the system BIOS
4. Press F10 to save and exit

I hope this will help

Amha Kassa