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lc200r Netserver - Stuck at F2 - Bootup

John Compton
Occasional Contributor

lc200r Netserver - Stuck at F2 - Bootup

Is there any workaround for an LC200r
that cannot detect a keyboard?
I am stuck at the boot screen/press f2 to continue etc. No luck with several keyboards and usb devices are not detected. Numlock lite is non-responsive. Hellllllp!?!?!
Is there a BOOT DISKETTE or CD that can ignore kbd errors and provide another interface or telnet connection? Enclose jpgs per initial and final boot screens.
Please advise, thank you.
Manfred Weber
Regular Advisor

Re: lc200r Netserver - Stuck at F2 - Bootup

no, there isn't, because at that stage of booting process no hard disk, diskette or CD was asked for the boot process to be continued. If the keyboard interface is defective, I would try to install an USB adaptor, hoping that an USB keyboard will be detected with it. But may be, that BIOS cannot detect any USB device. In that case repair is necessary. The last chance is a management card (I don't know the right name of it, but it is possible to manage the server via serial interface).