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lp1000r Megaraid Series 475 Controller

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lp1000r Megaraid Series 475 Controller

I’ve been trying to get Linux installed on my netserver lp1000r but the raid card is giving huge problems. I can see from the forums that this is a common problem. I’ve been using the LSI Express 500 driver with no luck. Is there another compatible raid controller card I can buy for the lp1000r that won't give me driver problems with Linux?

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Stuart Browne
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Re: lp1000r Megaraid Series 475 Controller

Which distribution of Linux are you using?

The MegaRAID 475 and 500 series should be the stock-standard 'megaraid' driver which comes with all major releases, out-of-the-box.

I'm aware of some newer distributions dropping the 'megaraid' and a few other 'older' drivers from their stock boot image, but still have it available with an expanded boot-image.

But it depends on what distribution you're trying to install.
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