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ml370 g2 wont boot

frank seremani
New Member

ml370 g2 wont boot

im in big s@#$t. i wanted to add a logical volume on my server by inserting 300gb scsi and created logical volume with raid 0. initially i had 3x46gb on array A with raid 5 that was my logical drive1. these 3 were patitioned into 3 drives c,d,and e adn housed the operating system.

after adding the 300gb logical drive 2 on raid 0 the server wont boot. i removed this but still no boot.
now without the logical 2 300gb drive with only the initial array A with 3x46gb still cant boot.i tried a reinstall on the initial logical drives up to the stage where windows asks you to partition hard drives and i have noticed that the partitions c, d and e are gone there is now unpartitioned space of the same size as my initial logical drive.

does this mean i have lost all data and how do i get things the way they used to be.
how do i maintain two logical drives on this server?